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Chairman Message

Avinash S. Kushwah
Chairman, RNS Group

At Shri Ramnath Group, we believe in 'fueling the quest for knowledge'.

In doing so, our commitments pave the way for the individual professional success which culminates in benefiting the society.

Creating a vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, putting together best teaching talent, equipping with every required learning aid ensure that students at Shri Ramnath Group get the best in academics. Sporting, cultural and extra-curricular facilities are put in place so that the students enjoy their campus life. The wide range of Shri Ramnath Group academics encompasses Pharmacy, Diploma in Engineering, Medical, Technology, Education, etc. and has drawn aspiring youth from every part of India and across the globe. Shri Ramnath Group is truly emerging as the nurturing ground for leadership. It has become synonymous with practical and industry-focused education.

The fact that Shri Ramnath Group, today, are a familiar face in the industry and the same is a demonstration of its total commitment to excellence in academics.

I cordially welcome you to the Shri Ramnath fold.